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Senin, 14 April 2008

Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server v9.5.8039 Plus Universal Restore

Remote administration
-- Live disk snapshots with support for databases and server apps
-- Bare-metal disaster recovery and granular data recovery
-- Restore to dissimilar hardware with Acronis Universal Restore
-- Software Development Kit

Acr0n!$® True Im@ge Enterpr!$e $erver allows you
1) to create an exact Windows or Linux server disk image, including the operating system, databases, and applications;
2) to migrate your systems between any virtual and physical servers quickly and easily.

>> After a system crash, Acr0n!$® True Im@ge Enterpr!$e $erver allows you to perform the entire server restore in just minutes. Complete system restoration can be performed to an existing system as well as to a new system with different hardware or to a virtual server (requires Acr0n!$ Un!ver$al Re$t0re add-on).
>> Acronis Management Console included in Acr0n!$® True Im@ge Enterpr!$e $erver provides you a convenient way to manage backup jobs on multiple remote servers.
>> Based on the exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot technology, Acr0n!$® True Im@ge Ech0™ Enterpr!$e $erver allows you to create a server disk backup image without interrupting server operations, providing 24 x 7 availability.

Features and Benefits

>> Restore the entire Windows or Linux servers in minutes after any unforeseen event
>> Acronis Universal Restore — restore to different hardware or to a virtual server (note: requires separate add-on license)
>> Centralized remote operations — Are even more convenient with the New Acronis Management Console
>> New! VMware Consolidated Backup integration — reduce the load on your ESX server
>> New! Backup image encryption
>> New! Multi-volume snapshots — Permits you to back up data located on multiple volumes
>> New! Convert image files to VMDK or VHD for instant virtualization — Supports major virtualization operating systems from VMware®, Microsoft®, SWsoft® and Parallels®
>> New! Dynamic disk support
>> New! Wider hardware compatibility — Including SAS drives, Wake on LAN, and tape libraries support
>> New! Improved Scheduling and Notifications — Including event-driven backups, periodic backup validations, and schedule cloning
>> Remote unattended restores with the Acronis bootable agent — Recover all systems in the network from a central location
>> Modify images — Mount images in read/write mode and apply changes directly
>> Boot from an image, using Acronis® Active Restore™ (a patent pending technology) — Decrease downtime by allowing systems to be used during a recovery
>> Enhanced database support — Online backup of servers with the mission critical databases, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and more
>> Automatic image verification — Peace of mind by ensuring that images can be used for restoration
>> Differential backups — Decrease the number of backups you manage
>> Data backups, in addition to our traditional image backups
>> Exclude files from backups — Capture only business data and saves space in storage archives
>> Windows Event Log and SNMP support — Plug into your existing network monitoring application
>> Custom scripts before/after backups — Facilitate compliance with company-wide backup policies
>> Throttling to control hard disk write speed and network bandwidth usage — Minimize disruptions of business operations
>> Create CDs with bootable images, PXE packages, and bootable recovery media ISOs — Eliminate the need to have separate recovery media and provide flexibility for application management
>> More Features

Product Components

-- Acronis Backup Server
-- Ensure optimal usage of storage resources by allowing IT administrators to establish backup policies
-- Acronis Group Server
-- Ease administration by viewing the status of all systems in the network
-- Acronis Management Console
-- Deploy product to remote Servers and manage backup tasks remotely
-- Acronis True Image Windows Agent
-- Run backup and recovery tasks on remote Windows servers in your network
-- Acronis True Image Linux Agent
-- Run backup and recovery tasks on remote Linux servers in your network
-- Acronis True Image Enterprise Server Local Versions
-- Backup and recover a local Server
-- Acronis Universal Restore
-- Restore to different hardware and virtual servers (note: requires separate add-on license)
-- Learn More

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